Werley Nortreus known as a young Haitian Gospel recording Artist, Songwriter, Author, Drummer, also a Youth Minister. He was born at Cap-Haitien, in Haiti, in 1993. He was born into a Christian family, he become a young superstar his own of all his amazing talents, he's so gifted and passionate of Music and Film acting. His Ministry reaches over thousand streaming viewers and plays weekly in over 50 nations around the world, his voice sounds good as a solo Artist. He also appeared in multiple Churches live performances events and print campaigns and featuring on online site like Magazines and Music ads, during his early life, he used to participated in talents competitions with the Youth people of the Church "Eglise Baptiste Amitiee Chretienne", singing and acting competitions, since in Haiti, every year to win a award and he does. In 2008, Werley Nortreus had made a band called TMG which means "True men of God", they sang Christian rap at this time, he was the President and Former of this band, True men of God had 5 members "Jimmy, Lewis, Kenley, Olritch, Werley", TMG had been created with the support of Edriss-Neptune, he's also a Musician and a Music Producer, he gave TMG the opportunity to sing and also to make their first song called "Ayiti pap peri", this song been playing in Radio planet Kreyol FM in " Siwo Myel show" hosted by Sarah-Felix, in 2009. 
Year Discography
2009 Ayiti pap peri
2011 Mwen pap janm bliye
2012 New instrumental 2012
2012 Li se Bondye


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    Swag it out
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    About to shop
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    My little bro
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    It's always crazy there
  • Awards winning, Gospel music.
    Awards winning, Gospel music.
  • My brother and mom, I love them
    My brother and mom, I love them
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    I love these guy, family time
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    Money isnt everything but you need it lol
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Li se Bondye

1- Songwriter by Nortreus Werley 2- Music composer by Nortreus Werley 3- Music producer by Nortreus Werley & Maestro. Edriss Neptune

-Album "Li se Bondye" pale kimoun ke Bondye ye. -Album "Li se Bondye" parle de la gloire de Jesus. -Album "Li se Bondye" is about how great is our God.

~Ke Bondye beni nou~ ~Que Dieu vous benisse~ ~May God bless you all~

Mwen vle rakonte tou patou koman Jezi renmen nou wi Sou la te li vini yon jou pou li bay vi li pou nou frem sem Se yon bel istwa ke map rakonte Jezikris mouri pou nou An nou chante, priye, ann adore, yon wa ki si renmen nou Ebyen album sa se pou tout moun ki santi yo dekouraje Ebyen album sa se pou tout moun kap kriye jwi ak lannwit Mwen vin fe nou konnen gen Bondye, li pap janm lagew Yon fwa nanm mwen te pedi, mwen Bondye te gen pitye Wi fok mwen di nou ke mwen gen rezon bay Bondye glwa Paske Bondye sa se wa, aprel pa gen lot anko, li se Alfa Le lion de la tribu de Judah, aprel pa gen lot anko, Amen Menm Bondye ki te la deja, ebyen se menm li menm ki la Se menm Bondye sa kap renye, se menm li menm toujou Album sa pale de Bondye, li pale de Kimoun Bondye sa ye Pigaw janm wont pale de Bondye sa, nenpot kotew pase Pigaw janm wont pale de Bondye sa, nenpot kotew pase Paskel se met Syel la ak te a, li pap janm kite tonbe ditou Bondye sa pap janm pe depanse pou ou, paskel se Alfa Bondye sa pap janm kitew tonbe, malgre nou fe anpil peche Men li toujou la avek nou, mwen pap negosyel pou anyen Map toujou rete fidel avek li, nan nenpot sak ta rivem nan lavi Map toujou rete pitit Bondye sa, wi, paskel se Alfa e Lomega Aprel pa gen lot anko, Viv jezi, anba tout lot non yo, li se wa.

-Special Thanks to Pastor Clodius Netilus N. -Special Thanks to Jimmy, Lewis, Kenley, Olritch -Special Thanks to all my fans, i love you all !

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Nortreus Werley wrote his first book named "Invite Jesus into your life", make sure yall check this book out on or on Kindle, this book is amazing, it will help people know much better about God, and also what we should know to serve Jesus well, buy a copy of this book on, This book is Based on Faith, Hope, Love, Serve, Courage, Grace. It shows us how we should serve Jesus, this book can help you figure out that you were in the wrong way. Father, please show us who we really are, and what is in our hearts. Then help us apply the courage, wisdom, and discipline needed to make necessary changes. Amen ! Buy your copy here on, and also this book will be available in all bookstores, libraries, and other, let's support this young man, support his Ministry, get a copy of his book. Amen, Amen, Amen!

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The Youth Gospel Ministry Show- Miami Fl
- Welcome to the #1 Youth Largest Community in Miami Fl.
- Christian/Gospel Artists, Youth Conferences, Performances Musicals, Events, Concerts, Meeting.

- The Youth Gospel Ministry Show is an Christian non-profit Organization co-owner and co-founder by Werley Nortreus, he is well known as a Gospel Artist, the organization was made to help Youth people from other Churches working with other Youth from another Church as a Team around the city in Miami Fl, elsewhere, the Organization is always here to help those Youth people collaborate together by Working and Performing in a Christian/Gospel public show together to make it cool and fun so they can get to know each other better as Brother's and Sister's in Jesus-Christ. We love meeting with Young people at Churches, that's why we started this Organization to help them doing what they love to do like (Singing, Acting, do Comedy, telling funny Stories and more other great things) so we can grown the Haitian Gospel Music Industry, we already know the Youth people can do this because that's what they love to do, as more Concerts we organized, the more we will reach other people who don't know Jesus-Christ as their Personal Savior yet so they can get a chance to come for the first time or to come back to him again. It will also consider as a Mission, to save Soul from Hell, because Jesus-Christ is already on his way to come back to the Earth, if us Christian people stay quiet like an idiot and never talk or try to reach other people, well the Lord is going to question us about that, the very first question he's going to ask us is --> (What you did for him when you was walking on Earth).

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